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Library of Social Science: Marketing and Promoting Scholarship

Library of Social Science is devoted to the marketing & promotion of scholarship. We seek to identify and create significant publications—and to bring them to scholars and thinking people around the world. We market and promote scholarship through our affiliates:

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Library of Social Science Book Exhibits

LIBRARY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE BOOK EXHIBITS is recognized as the premier firm in the United States creating, organizing and managing book exhibits for scholarly and professional conferences. Founded in 1990, we collaborate with the major publishers of scholarly books—including Berghahn Books, University of Chicago Press, Cornell University Press,  Harvard University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Peter Lang, Polity Press, Rodopi, Rutgers University Press, Transaction and hundreds of others—to develop and present comprehensive collections of titles at significant, cutting-edge conferences. Library of Social Science Book Exhibits has worked with over 100 organizations, and has a track record of over 500 successful book exhibits.

Ideologies of War

IDEOLOGIES OF WAR has pioneered the online publication of scholarship, presenting significant papers, book excerpts and book chapters. Focusing on the roots and meanings of collective forms of violence, leading scholars from diverse disciplines share their research and writing, facilitating the growth of knowledge and insight.

Library of Social Science Book Reviews

LIBRARY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE BOOK REVIEWS selects and reviews significant titles, bringing them to the attention of the academic community—and to thinking people everywhere. Our book reviews are distributed through the LIBRARY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE NEWSLETTER, which reaches 57,230 subscribers worldwide.

Library of Social Science, Publishers

Founded in 1975, LIBRARY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE, PUBLISHERS is an independent book publisher, dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge to scholars, students and the general reading public. Library of Social Science is interdisciplinary in scope, publishing in a range of disciplines including: political psychology, social theory, psychoanalysis, anthropology and twentieth-century history.

Library of Social Science Newsletter

LIBRARY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE NEWSLETTER is the broadcast arm of LIBRARY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE. Announcements of books, online publications, conferences, book exhibits and book reviews reach 60,481 subscribers around the world, including many of our most prominent scholars—as well as editors and marketing personnel at major publishing houses.